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Conway church of Christ

The church began approximately AD 33 after Peter preached to the crowd gathered in Jerusalem for Pentecost. Peter explained to them who Jesus is and that they had just crucified him. This fact cut to the heart of the crowd and motivated about 3,000 men to repent and to be immersed in water for the forgiveness of their sins. This began the church, and God adds to the church daily those who are being saved...(Acts 2).

We are an autonomous congregation of this church striving to follow God's word. We were established in 2003, and our average attendance is a little over 100. We have age appropriate Bible classes. We currently have three elders, seven deacons and a full time pulpit minister.


Our worship to God is lead by faithful men. We pray and have readings from God's word. We sing scripturally sound psalms, hymns and spirtual songs without the accompaniment of any instrument. We are encouraged, taught, and challenged by a messages from His word. And every Sunday, we observe the Lord's Supper with unleaven bread and fruit of vine and collect the offerings of the saints.

We invite you to contact us with any questions and join us in worshiping God at any opportunity you have.

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